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Getting Back on Track!

The staff here at King of Prussia is happy we finally got our stride back. Today in the office was very busy with anxious vacationers. We would like to welcome the follow vacationers:


Mr. and Mrs. Johnson Philadelphia, PA

Damon Oliver and Erica Wilson Upper Darby, PA

Richard George and Lisa Dill [...]

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Sundance Vacations Welcomes New Vacationers!

After two days of snowy cold weather, the King of Prussia office has finally picked up again.  The weather is still frigid but that didn’t stop the happy cruisers from coming out and hearing all about Sundance Vacations.  We would like to welcome the following vacationers to Sundance Vacations:


Brandon Moore from [...]

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The Day Before Christmas. . .

Sundance Vacations was busier than we expected being as though it is the day before Christmas Eve.  We would like to welcome the following of our new travelers to Sundance Vacations.


Mr. and Mrs. Taylor

Cheyvonne Boston

Lanin Reviere

Thomas Johnson & Jessica Romano

Harold Barton


Happy Holidays from everyone here at King of Prussia!!

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Congratulations! Your Dream Destination Awaits You!

Winter is now upon us. But the cold weather didn’t stop the cruisers from coming out tonight.  The King of Prussia Office was very busy and filled with happy travelers coming from many locations, excited to hear about their future voyages.


Mr. and Mrs. Prosser, Elkins Park, PA

Raymond Shaw, Philadelphia, PA

Steve [...]

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The staff here at Sundance Vacations would like to welcome our newest travelers:


Mr. & Mrs. Saverio

Mr. & Mrs. Davis

Carolyn Franklin

Mr. & Mrs. Rakestrau

Mr. & Mrs. Hreha


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Welcome to Sundance Vacations of King of Prussia

Sundance Vacations of King of Prussia was a very busy place yesterday.  We had several great people come visit with us to receive their complimentary cruises.  These vacationers were especially excited to get away and enjoy a great vacation.  Here at Sundance vacations of king of Prussia, we would love to welcome [...]

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Your Dream Vacation Awaits You!

Thursday at Sundance Vacations, we had a big day.  Despite the cold winter weather, we were still able to meet with several friendly people!  We welcomed many new vacationers to the family including;

Donna from Morgantown, PA

Sandy & James from Perkiomenville, PA

Tommy & Angela from Philadelphia, PA
Charlotte & Sabrina from Sickerville, [...]

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Excited for the Month of February Vacations!

Wednesday was a very busy day here at Sundance Vacations in King of Prussia.  We met with several people very excited about vacationing with us! We here at Sundance Vacations would love to welcome our newest vacationers.


Shaun & Nicole from Marlton, NJ
Mario from Mickelton, NJ
Jennifer & Joseph from Brigantine, [...]

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Positive Changes and Great People!

Yesterday was a very busy day here at Sundance Vacations of King of Prussia, we had a lot of positive changes, as well as having some really great people visit.  The cold weather made a harsh return yesterday causing us to desire warm vacation weather, as always! We here at [...]

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Getting Busy for the Cold Weather!

Sundance Vacations is a busy place this time of year! With the cold weather rolling in, thoughts of vacation come to mind. What better idea then to invest a little of your own personal time into something you really enjoy! The holiday season is the best time to break [...]

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